What is CrossFit ?

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. The movement change class after class.

Varied training

Every day we face all sorts of situations and we must be prepared for them.

Functional Movement

The only thing is to reproduce and repeat day-to-day movement (like carrying your grocery, running to your job, filling the boot of your car …).

High intensity

The intensity of the class is adapted to your level. If you want to improve though, if you do want to feel better, if you want to feel proud, you have to challenge yourself to get beyond your own limits.


Warm-ups take approximately 20 minutes, skills training take 10 to 20 minutes, and the Workouts Of the Day take 10 to 30 minutes. A CrossFit session takes an hour and can fit any time schedule, even the busiest. No excuse. The variety of training is infinite. Every cycle is diffe-rent. You can’t get bored, and your body can’t get adapted to your routine. So we would be glad to say: ‘Don’t worry, you won’t get sore next time’, but that would be a lie.

3 types of exercice

Gymnastics: Push-ups, Pull-ups, Squats, Muscle-ups…

Cardio: Running, Skip rope, Rowing machine, Cycling…

Weightlifting: Deadlift, Snatch, Clean, Kettlebell Swings…

3 points

Technique: you will learn the right moves & postures to begin with.

Rapidity: once you master the technique, your goal will be to perform the movement as fast as possible.

Length: now it’s time to perform a maximum of reps in a minimum of time. ‘More reps for bigger biceps‘.

The advantage of CrossFit

If you are too busy for training or hitting the gym, CrossFit is perfect for you as it does not take that much time and offers intense, short and effective training!

Who is it made for?

Contrary to what most people think, CrossFit is not only for an exclusive community of experienced athletes.

CrossFit is for all those who have already trained in their life… or have not. Weekend joggers, gym lovers, bar lifters, crazy cyclers…

All men, be they short, tall, muscular, strong, thin, fat, skinny… Those who feel well as well as those who would like to feel better.

Women can try it too, may they want to lose weight, to get strong, to sweat, to feel free, or just to have a moment for themselves alone.

Conclusion... Dare enter the BOX!

We swear once your warm-up is done, and after a few reps, push jerks, kettlebell liftings and WOD, you won’t be the same person anymore.


10 skills

The main benefit of CrossFit is that it makes you a complete athlete, both in terms of stamina and power.

The 10 CrossFit commandments

Now perform miracles too!

1. Don’t compare yourself to others. Improve and compare yourself to the person you were yes-terday. Your challengers must become a source of motivation and sharing. They will help you get beyond your limits.

2. Give it all out at every training to perform at your best and get more benefits from your ef-forts.

3. Keep fraternity, challenge and self-help as your main values.

4. Be completely honest. There is no room for cheating.

5. Be humble, and help your partners improve.

6. Show your perserverance and courage if you want to succeed. Obstacles will make you phy-sically and mentally stronger.

7. Get beyond your limits to find out your real values. Work on your weaknesses and strengthen your qualities.

8. Respect yourself, respect one another, and respect the equipment.

9. Give it all out if you want to reach your goals.

10. Get involve fully if you want to excel.