Much more than trainers

A team of highly qualified trainers, ready to help you get the best out of you every time you come to the box. They will adapt each workout to your needs. Always attentive, always with you.

Felipe Garcés

Will bring out the best of you

Personal trainer, CrossFit L1 and L2 certified, strongman, endurance, kettlebell, Spanish weightlifting judge and lifeguard.

CrossFit is his way of understanding life and we are proud to have him since day one. His classes are hard, his patience is infinite and there is no better coach than him to get started in this sport.

Passion, experience and motivation to get the best out of you every time you come to train.

Anthony Auricchio

Better, faster, stronger

Coach CrossFit L2, master in dietetics and nutrition, master in nutrition focused on sports performance. With nutrition, training, perseverance and good habits everything is possible.

He takes care of every detail, he will demand the maximum to achieve virtuosity and he never loses his smile.

Talent and good vibes every time you come to train.