The Method

Results from day one

Our complete and intense training method is a combination of strength, gymnastics, weightlifting and endurance. Remember the three basic pillars:

Warm up

10 minutes

The warm-up, led by our coaches, is essential to prepare you physically and mentally for the training.

We will do a specific warm-up, varying mobility and stretching exercises depending on the training we are going to do.

Proper warm-up prevents injuries, increases your flexibility, improves cardiovascular capacity and prepares you mentally to train at 100%.

Technique & Strength

10-20 minutes

Technique and strength are two essential aspects that we will work on every time you come to the box.

Our coaches will help you perfect your technique to progress in complex movements. This way, you will be able to work more efficiently and safely.

Our coaches will guide you from day one. Before each workout we will dedicate 10 to 20 minutes to improve your technique and strength.


10-30 minutes

The Workout of the Day is a combination of high intensity functional exercises.

They include a wide variety of weight training, gymnastic, cardio and plyometric movements.

The combination of intensity plus time will push you to your limits during the WOD. Our coaches scale and modify each workout to fit your fitness level.

New class

Weight & Endurance

50 minutes

Dynamic strength and endurance exercises that change every week. 35 minutes of full body conditioning and 15 minutes of strength specifically focused on improving your cardiovascular endurance and building muscle.

If you are thinking about getting started in CrossFit, don’t hesitate, this is the class for you.