“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” ― Mahatma Gandhi.

It is never too late to start practicing what you believed it was impossible, your will, your desire and passion will take you to amazing places.

Sports have always been, and will be a fundamental part of my life… I have swum, played rugby, climbed, run trails, until in 2008, I came face to face with all the sports I had practiced, and with CrossFit from that moment I decided that it would be my only sport!!!

I am Personal trainer, certified in CrossFit L1, L2, Strongman, Endurance, Kettelbell, Weightlifting Judge in Spain and Life guard.

CrossFit is my philosophy of life, not just in my coaching, but it’s my way of seeing and understanding the world, and it helps me manage my challenges, and help others.

Marielle – portrait 1



“Never put an age limit on your dreams ” – Lauren Fisher.

You will dream of being as strong as Marielle, and in addition she will help you to become one.

She has been a sports coach for more than 25 years, and has always been an athlete.

CrossFit according to Marielle:

It is a complete and adaptable sport at all levels, for all tastes and all needs. Everything you do during your workouts, will allow you to be in better shape in your daily life.

Cute Sins: Double Unders, Clean-Pull Up.

Because we have no choice… we must do it, even when we don’t feel like it: Race.