Lunes 03 Septiembre

Warm Up 

Barbell Yoga


OH Shoulder rotation (2×20 Reps) 1´ rest

OH Shrug Squat Position (2×20 Reps) 1´rest

Muscle Snatch from hips (3×5 Reps) 1´ rest


Emom 8´

M1&2: 3 Snatch Pull

M3&4: 3 Muscle Snatch

M5&6: 3 Power Snatch

M7&8: 3 OH Squat

Then rising rage for OH Squat from the floor.

Met Con 

Complete as many rounds as possible In 7 minutes Of

50 Double-Unders

10 Overhead Squat

End Of The Wod

Accumulate 100 reps Floor Leg Raises In 10´