Viernes 08 Abril

AC Met Con

Warm Up

1 ROUND (2:00 Cap)
20 Plate Hops*
10 Plate Ground to OH
10 Alt. Cossack Squats
6 Push-Up to Toe Tap**
1 ROUND (2:00 Cap)
8 Clean Deadlift
8 Elbow Punches
8 Alt. Lunges
8 Up-Down to Plate
1 ROUND (2:00 Cap)
6 Hang Muscle Clean
6 Strict Press
6 Front Squat
6 Burpee to Plate
*Weight should be a 10LB, 15LB or 25LB plate
**Athlete will perform a Push-Up and then reach one arm to “Tap” the opposite foot.
Switch arms after every Push-Up rep (i.e Push + Right Arm to Left Toe, Push-Up + Left Arm to Right Toe)

1 Squat Clean + Jerk
*All working sets should be Heavy…about 90+% of 1-Rep Clean and Jerk. Option to build in later sets if perfect mechanics are maintained. This is NOT a Heavy 1-Rep, under no circumstances should we get to maximal loading.

100 Burpees to Target*
*Target is 6 inches above standing reach.
Every 1:00, beginning at 0:00, perform 3 Jerks . Option to go heavier .